About the site

Some may be interested to know how this website is built and the technologies used.

I used Dreamweaver 8 to build the pages. Many sites these days, if not most, are built using a framework and templates. This site is entirely hand-crafted with love from the ground up! I partly used the passion I had to make this material available to others to make me (finally) get round to learning all these webby things I wanted to use.

So, extenive use is made of php, javascript and mysql. I have used quite a lot of AJAX to make the site responsive and more sleek in it's operation.

The card zooming is achieved using a fabulous product called Magic Zoom Plus from Magic Toolbox. It truly is a very good product and absolutely made for this kind of material. I also used their Magic Slideshow to make the Guided Tours work.

I also wrote code to make use of the Google Streetview API which is what enables you to see the 'now'ish images below the postcard images. Google maps and Streetview are remarkable products.

As you will realise, I am not an arty person. Thus the site looks a bit clunky and the colour scheme leaves a lot to be desired! One day perhaps I will seek someone to advise me on that, I know it can make a lot of difference to a site. But hopefully it is good from a technical viewpoint.

My first Ashford site was published on the web in 1997 and has been around in some form or other ever since. I must thank my wife Amanda for her encouragement in getting me to get it to the advanced state it has now reached - I really never thought it would ever get there!

Above all, I just hope you enjoy seeing pictures and reading comments about the old town, when things werer more peaceful and probably a lot slower than they are today.


If you're interested in any thing else, drop me a line and I'll try to help.

Chris Crook