A number of books have been published over the years. Most are pictorial, giving an insight into what the lovely old town looked like. Some are written histories.

Below are the books I am aware of.

I will add reviews as time allows, but there are usually many on Amazon.

Ashford 1950 - 1980
Author: Steve R Salter
Ashford - Then & Now
Author: Steve R Salter
Changing Ashford
Author: Steve R Salter
A History of Ashford
Author: Arthur Ruderman
Ashford Then & Now Revisited
Author: Steve R Salter
Images of Ashford
Author: Mike Bennett
The Roman Roadside Settlement at Westhawk Farm, Ashford, Kent: Excavations 1998-9

(Oxford Archaeology Monograph)
Ashford in Old Photographs
Author: Richard Filmer

Kennington at War 1939-1945
Author: Robin Britcher
Ashford A Rare Insight
Author: Steve Salter
Ashford in Old Picture Postcards
Author: Richard Filmer