Some great sites for you to surf at your leisure...

British Pathe A HUGE collection of video footage from British Pathe. News and short factual pieces.
Kennington United Church Hugh Burnham's website for the Kennington United Church
Down the Lane Richard Cannon's Down the Lane website - a cracking good read. Something many of us would like to do.
St Mary's Church, Kennington The church features quite heavily amongst my images. A lovely church and community.
Aerial Photos An English Heritage backed project. An amzing collection of old aerial photography. Many of Ashford and around Kent
Magic Toolbox I use two of the tools this company produce for providing the zoomed images and the guided tour slideshow. Superb products.
Chris Long's Micro Museum Chris has a remarkable collection of old computers, one of which is one I sold him! Well worth a read, very interesting site and collection. Ah to remember those early days!
Livedrive backup I use Livedrive to keep cloud backups of this site and indeed all of my work. It has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. Excellent features, service and price.