A small but very rewarding exhibtion of letters received from men of Great Chart and Godinton House who went to serve in the First World War.

Mrs Elizabeth Quinton Strouts, of the village of Great Chart, formed a small committee with some other ladies, called the 'Great Chart Sailors and Soldiers War Fund'. They raised funds to enable the sending of letters and parcels to the men from the village who were away serving. In the region of 20,000 pages were sent out to the men during the war years, along with parcels of goodies to raise the men's spirits.

This exhibition shows a very small selection of letters received from the men. It is very poignant and gives a strong feel for how they valued the letters they received greatly. Transcriptions are available, but I found it worthwhile spending the time to read the letters in the men's own hand.

Mrs Strouts provided a truly important service to the men and the collection is unique for it's size.

More information from the Godinton House website.